How you view the world

says everything.
Which explains why Serengeti® has been committed to developing the world’s most advanced sunglass lens technology for over 45 years. Then again, innovation has always been inherent in our DNA. We believe that technically-enhanced vision helps you focus on what truly matters. With that, achieving perfect clarity is not the end game— but rather, the start.


Created for the marketing campaign, this elegant leaflet gathered the most iconic sunglasses models of the brand.

Packaging Design

As a premium brand, thsi simple yet elegant design with a dark grey color was made for the new sunglasses model released in 2018.

Style Guide

A style guide establishes standard style requirements to improve communication by ensuring consistency.


Each year, the brand has to communicate with an updated evolution of the newest marketing campaign design and the brochure is one of the printable element that is created for it.


24h Le Mans

As one of the sponsor of the event 24h Le Mans, the brand needs a set of print deisgn to promote throughout this special time of the year. Stickers, kakemono, flyers, shirts, brochures and large print are made for it.

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