creating compelling stories through inspiring people

My name is Florent Thomas, a creative and passionate person made of human flesh and an alien mind.​ As a dancer, I use my understanding of this art to the process of creating my films. Rhythm, feeling and flow throughout story telling.

I work with no profit organizations and artists, to help people to empower and express themselves through documentary films, and powerful visual sharing compelling stories.​ I work also as producer and video editor for corporate, commercial work and clients, so feel free to contact me if you have a video project in mind. 




Dabrick is a no profit organization that I created with three friends all from the same breaking crew ''Total Feeling". It's first and for most built to share the Hip-Hop culture to the world. An authentic vision to bring the culture alive and defend it through compelling documentaries, interviews, portraits, etc... Our Hip-Hop DNA allows us to open the doors of the unknown and inspire people. We want to educate and spread the knowledge without bending its true form and foundations. Peace, love, unity and having fun


I am currently working as a video Producer/video Editor for a company called Vivant. Our name, VIVANT, reflects our commitment to great tasting wines and our responsibility to the environment. I travel and film interviews and Broll of Portrait producers, the beautiful regions of wine. 

Our Mission is to accelerate the wine world’s transition to a sustainable future by amplifying the voices of responsible winemakers, showing consumers naturally produced wines taste better, and building a global wine community committed to a better way. 

Great wine starts in the vineyard. No pesticides. No herbicides. Minimal intervention. So the grape can express its full potential and the place where it’s grown. Today, less than 3% of the world’s wines are produced by these principles.

The good news: this number is growing.