The brand Cébé is specialized in the creation of sport and lifestyle sunglasses (with a real expertise in running and mountaineering sunglasses), and also ski goggles and helmets. Born in 1892 in the Jura mountains, the “Pure Adrenaline” brand is characterized by its handy and authentic products created out of the brand’s passion for outdoor and adventure. The ranges aim at adults as well as teenagers and children.

Style Guide

Created for the marketing campaign, this elegant leaflet gathered the most iconic sunglasses models of the brand.

Packaging Design

For the new helmet, a very unique packaging design was created with a balck and white matte finish style to to create dynamic shapes.

Packaging Design

Packaging design for the goggles pack that came out in winter 2018, simple design with special icons on top of the box that shows all the main features of the product.

Large Scale Print

As Cébé is known to be one of the biggest brand for helmets and goggles, large print was to be made for Sport 2000 and Go Sport.


As one of the most important thing for a clear communication, picking the correct visuals for the brand is by far a very important thing to get right as to have a complete understanding of the brand.

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