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is a short film that brings the spectators in a heavy atmosphere. Hitting us deep down to a spiral of emotions. A strange time to live in, bitter feelings in this foggy situation that makes the artist's freedom at stake.

Directed and edited by Florent Thomas, this project was shot in Montpellier with Emmanuel Da Silva and Andrea Mondoloni, two dancers known in the breaking scene. 

This short film is now competing at the Urban Film Festival 2021.

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Break Moderne 

is a documentary about two brothers that are sharing the same passion "breaking" in the country side of France. Here is just a little introduction of Simon, the little brother. In this teaser, we are following the dance steps of Simon, during his arrival in Paris for the week-end. A moment of feeling and pure freestyle where Simon is dancing outside like he usually does in his hometown.

We will soon discover his brother Hugo, who is the person maintaining the Breaking culture alive in his town.

This project was directed by Florent Thomas, shot in Paris and Sens, their village.

It is an upcoming project that was inspired by Raymond Depardon and his famous documentary called ''La vie moderne".

We will discover how the two brothers are keeping the urban, hiphop culture alive in a country environment.

Image de Breakreate
Image de Breakreate

Total Feeling  

is a breaking documentary, produced by Dabrick in 2019 and selected at the Urban Film Festival 2020 last year.

It is the first of a serie of documentaries about the French breaking crews. The goal is to spread the true breaking culture around the world and share live dance and interviews of the dancers. Dabrick's mission is to defend the hiphop culture and its DNA thru these documentaries.

In this episode, you will get to know one of the main French crew still alive in the breaking scene. Most known for the way they approach the dance, the feeling is the dance, music and freedom of movement.

After 20 years of being a crew, you will discover how they are still present and valuable for the community. 

From Downtown 

is a breaking documentary, produced by Dabrick and directed by Florent Thomas. It is the second documentary that covers the French Crews that are the most representative of the raw breaking culture. From Downtown is a crew that is known for their unique vibe and authentic personalities. For them, being a "unit" is the most important value for a crew. Their motto is Flow First, which is a feeling of being in the moment. They want to live their dance as if it was a party, a big showcase.

In this documentary we will discover the crew as if we were part of it. An immersive and fresh live action that brings the joy of their dance. This Documentary will be showing at the Urban Film Festival 2021.

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